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Family Law covers a wide range of topics including Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, Property Division, Division of Debts and more.  The issues dealt with in this area of the law are the most important issues in a person’s life.  It is extremely important that the attorneys you work with are educated and experienced to handle these issues for you.   This web site contains general information on some specific topics in this area of the law.

The Ritchie Law Firm understands the importance of family law matters in your life.  We are educated, trained and experienced to assist you and protect your rights in family law matters.  We also regard our task as more than just a technical legal job.  We know and understand that family law matters are charged with emotions and we do our best to draw on our experience and humanity to counsel you and help you through the difficult tasks and issues arising in family law cases.

Sometimes people attempt to save expense by trying to perform family law cases themselves.  In some rare instances this actually works.  However, in many, many instances this results in people being taken advantage of or leaving out important matters in the orders or pleadings which results in unenforceable or unworkable results.  Many times this results in having to hire an attorney later to fix the mistakes or re-do the proceeding which ultimately costs more money than if it had been done correctly the first time.  It also results in more stress and fighting because the matter has to be re-hashed between the parties.   Even where the parties are agreeable in how to resolve the family law matter an attorney should be used to make sure the proceeding is done correctly and that all issues are properly covered by the pleadings and orders.

Many issues in family law are settled without the need for a trial.  An experienced family law attorney can help you work through the issues with the other parties privately, or through the use of Mediators and settlement judges.  However, in the event that the case does not settle, it is necessary to have a trial and the Court will determine its fact specific finding based upon an underlying general principle or rule.  It is extremely important that you have an attorney that is experienced and trained in how to present this evidence to the court in a clear and convincing manner for the protection of your rights.

The contents of this web site are not to be construed as legal advice and if any person has a legal situation involving family law issues, they should contact an attorney to obtain specific legal advice.

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