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Other injury claims

The Ritchie Law Firm is actively engaged in many various types of personal injury claims in Oklahoma.  The following is a brief discussion of some common typse of injury claims in Oklahoma.

Dog Bites:  In today's environment, dog bite/attack cases are becoming increasingly more common.  If you or someone you know has been bitten or attacked by a dog, there may be a potential for recovery.  The general rule is that unless the owner of the dog lives in a rural area or a town without a post office, the owner will be responsible for injuries sustained when their dog attacks a person, so long as that person does not provoke the attack or that person is in an area he has a legal right to be.  In rural areas, common rules of negligence apply to the dog owner when attempting to collect for damages sustained in a dog attack or dog bite case.  In all cases of animal attacks, it is important to speak with an attorney regarding your specific circumstances and to determine if you are entitled to recover and from what source you may recover.

Product Liability:  Many times people are injured by products that have defective designs or are mismanufactured.  In those circumstances, a person needs to know that a company that made the product along with the store the product may be liable for an injury sustained by a consumer.  The recovery may include hospital and doctor bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.  Dangerous products injure many people and if a person is injured they should contact an attorney quickly so that potential evidence does not become lost, thrown away or otherwise disposed of.

Slip and fall/Premises liability:  A person who been injured on the property of another may look to the landowner to recover for their damages.  Their recovery depends upon their legal status as it pertains to their presence on the land.  If they were invited onto the land for the benefit of them and the landowner, they are classified as invitees.  A landowner owes a duty to invitees inasmuch as they have to search for dangerous conditions and either remedy the dangerous condition or warn the invitee of the condition.  If a landowner allows a person on their land but they do not benefit from their presence, the duty owed is less.  The landowner is only responsible to advise the person of known dangers, but there is no requirement to search for dangers.  With respect to a trespassor, a landowner owes no duty other than they cannot create dangers for trespassors.

Once the duty of care is established, landowners still have a valid defense of an "open and obvious" condition.  This defense defeats many seemingly valid premises liability cases.  What this defense states is that if a dangerous condition is open and obvious, the person should have avoided the danger.  If this defense is asserted and admitted by the injured party, a claim is not pursued.

It is important to speak to an attorney regarding any premises liability case, because they can become confusing and any small error will defeat an otherwise valid claim.


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